I have just completed an online “morality test” which is run by the BBC’s LabUK science site.

I am not going to talk, for now, about the detailed methodology of the test, although anyone else who wants to take part might get a truer result if they click on the link above now, before continuing to read this post. I might come back to this when those results are published next year. I am also not going to deal in this post with the theory which the test is investigating – Human Superorganism Theory – which deserves rather more time than I have available in this post, but which I do want to look into in more detail.

In the commentary on the current global economic situation, and in particular the protests against capitalism which have been developing increasing traction over the last decade or so, an analogy is often made between the principles of capitalism, as contrasted often with some seemingly discredited alternative such as socialism, and the evolutionary principles at play in the natural world.